About Us

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Metaggio's story traces back to the charming village of Bellagio, nestled along the shores of Lake Como, Italy. Inspired by the seamless blend of furniture and art in this picturesque setting, our founder sought to bring this aesthetic to the states. There our mission emerged, to bring art inspired living to homes all across America. This vision materialized through the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and artistic expression, employing augmented reality (AR) to provide a sophisticated interior decorating experience accessible through our user-friendly mobile application. Venturing deeper into the Metaggio universe, we elevate the concept through our innovative metaverse galleries. This virtual hub invites art enthusiasts, collectors, buyers, and interior designers to traverse curated galleries, envisioning the seamless integration of art and furniture within the context of their homes. This transformative experience not only empowers creators but also captivates consumers, redefining the relationship between art and living spaces.

Beyond its foundational role as a platform, Metaggio evolves into a dynamic community, with the Metagrade brand leading the charge in the future of art tokenization. Operating on a robust token protocol within the Polygon ecosystem, Metagrade propels community-driven growth, showcasing technological maturity and amplifying the value of art tokens. As the Metaggio community shapes the culture for Metagrade, our mission remains steadfast in democratizing global art, fostering appreciation, and championing the growth of the artistic community. Join us in disrupting the world of art, steering the transformative change needed in this new digital revolution, where art-inspired living truly comes to life.